Rising Storm Photography - Timeless Moments, Expert Portraits, Heartwarming Pets, Unforgettable Events in Michigan
Michigan Memories by Rising Storm Photography: Portraits, Pets, and Events


At Rising Storm Photography, we specialize in capturing moments that last a lifetime. Our diverse range of services is tailored to suit your unique needs and cherished memories. Whether it’s a heartfelt pet portrait, a captivating live band session, or the joyous celebration of an outdoor wedding, we are dedicated to creating stunning images that tell your story. Explore our photography services below:

  1. Individual and Group Portraits:
    • Let us capture the essence of your personality and relationships with expertly crafted individual and group portraits. Whether it’s a family portrait, a graduation milestone, or a professional headshot, we ensure your images reflect your true spirit.
  2. Pet Portraits:
    • Our passion for pets extends beyond the lens, and we understand the bond between you and your furry companions. Let us create heartfelt pet portraits that celebrate the love and joy they bring to your life.
  3. Headshots:
    • For professionals seeking to make a lasting impression, our headshots showcase your unique personality and expertise, leaving a strong and positive impact on potential clients or employers.
  4. Events:
    • From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, we capture the excitement and emotions of your special events. Whether it’s a birthday party, anniversary, or corporate function, our event photography ensures your cherished memories are preserved.
  5. Live Band Sessions:
    • Music is a powerful expression, and we specialize in capturing the energy and passion of live performances. Our photography freezes the moments of musical magic for you to relive and share.
  6. Outdoor Weddings:
    • Nature’s beauty provides a breathtaking backdrop for your love story. Our outdoor wedding photography captures the romance and elegance of your special day amidst scenic landscapes.
  7. Martial Arts/Sports Photos:
    • Celebrate the dedication and skill of athletes with dynamic martial arts and sports photography. Our images showcase the intensity and triumphs of the sporting spirit.
  8. End of Life Pet Portraits:
    • In times of loss, preserving the memory of your cherished pet becomes even more meaningful. Our end-of-life pet portraits offer a comforting tribute to honor the bond you shared.
  9. Digital Floral or Heavenly Portraits:
    • Embrace the ethereal beauty of digital floral or heavenly portraits. These artistic creations infuse imagination and magic into your visual stories.

At Rising Storm Photography, we believe every moment is worth capturing, and our dedication to excellence ensures that your cherished memories become timeless treasures. Contact us to discuss your photography needs and let us create an unforgettable experience together.